Darlene Love

I'm not a fan of x-mas particularly. I especially hate being aurally assaulted over and over by Jose Feliciano's version of "Feliz Navidad" which seems to be the most popular x-mas song played in NYC. I'm not even sure I had ever heard his version before moving here. There is one x-mas song that I never tire of though. I just spent a few minutes thinking about why I love Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), aside from the fact that it's just fantastic, of course. Rather predictably I've come to the conclusion that I love it because it's sad. X-mas makes me sad so it's unsurprising that I like melancholy x-mas songs.

I will say that if you live in NYC I cannot recommend enough taking the M7 up from 6th Ave and 15th Street up to 72nd and Amsterdam. Even the scroogiest of scrooges (yours truly) felt in the x-mas spirit while doing so last weekend. You go by Macy's at Herald Square (Miracle on 34th Street, people) and Rockefeller Center. Trees on the street are lighted. Many businesses have big decorated trees out. Even I can recognize that x-mas time here is a pretty magical affair.