Dean and Britta

It dawned on me recently that I'm becoming something I never thought I would - more mellow in my musical selections. Music that would have (or did) bore me in the past is now comforting. I prefer going to shows where I get to sit and relax and enjoy the band playing rather than being jostled around and standing on my feet for hours on end. Once in a blue moon I'll feel inspired to go to a looser and less regimented show but it's less and less often. Mostly, now, I am satisfied to go to a theater and have seats and relax. I love going to see the Magnetic Fields precisely for that reason.

The other night, me and my lovely girlfriend went and saw "13 Most Beautiful... Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests" performed by Dean and Britta. I was going for the footage more than anything. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the songs they wrote (and covered) for their musical selections. I guess it strikes me as "older people music" but I suppose that is because 19 year old me wouldn't have been caught dead listening to something so mellow. The song I'm posting has special significance for me and my lady friend and I instantly dubbed it our song. Hope you enjoy. Please search out their version of Bob Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine" as well because it really is top notch and now officially my favorite cover of it.

Eyes in My Smoke