Let It Be Me

I wonder how many songs get their own wikipedia page? The song Let It Be Me has quite a history that I only learned of fairly recently. The internet is magical in that way! My own history with the song is simple - my mom had a cassette tape in her car that had the version I'm posting on it. I must have heard the Everly Brothers singing it and probably the Elvis rendition as well while growing up but I have no recollection of this. It was as a twenty-something that I first remember hearing it, not just hearing it but becoming obsessed with it. A few years back I thought of this song and did a search on iTunes for it. This version was not available. I ended up with the live version done by Elvis which was okay but I really felt like it was missing the emotion behind this cover. In fact, all of the other versions that I listened to were missing something for me. So I kept searching for this particular release. Since I only recently found it and am overjoyed I decided to share my joy with you! This is the Betty Everett and Jerry Butler version of Let It Be Me - in my opinion, the definitive version.

The Feelies

Over the last year and a half I happened to see The Feelies twice - once opening for Sonic Youth (way back on the 4th of July in 2008) and again opening for Yo La Tengo on New Years Eve. They've been getting the reissue treatment and rightfully so! I love many of their songs but lately this one has been hitting me in all the right places. While maybe not as interesting or exciting as some of their songs I think it's a straightforward enough song for even the casual listener to attach themselves to. Especially if said casual listener is feeling a little down...
It's Only Life