Blood Red Shoes

I know next to nothing about this band. Someone put a song on a mix that I heard in December and I enjoyed it. Apparently Blood Red Shoes are a 2 piece from Brighton, England. They have a record coming out in April called Box Of Secrets - these 2 songs are from it. Laura-Mary Carter plays guitar and sings, and Steven Ansell plays drums and sings. They are more rock based than stuff I usually post but quite good!

You Bring Me Down

Hope You Are Holding Up



I'm pretty sure that as 2007 ended, Electrelane's No Shouts No Calls had been played more often than any other record in my house or on my iPod. I'd been a fan of the band since their second record, The Power Out, and I found them exciting because I loved every release more than the previous one. I'm not usually one for more instrumentally based music (the bottom line is that I'm a lyrics geek) but I found Electrelane to be very interesting. I've seen more than one review in which their musical ability is called into question but it seems more rooted in the fact that they're all female. I can think of many all male bands who play music less challenging but never have their ability called into question! The point being - maybe some of the parts are simple but when you put all of the parts together for the complete song it is unique and engaging music. It's definitely about the song and not a guitarist wanking off or what have you.

No Shouts No Calls features lyrics about a relationship falling apart (and the heartbreak involved) which sounds like routine lyrical fodder but it wasn't for this band. A good amount of the songs on the first 3 albums were instrumental, when lyrics were involved they were sometimes sung in other languages, handled by choirs, and the lyrics used to be much more cerebral and less emotional. In a way, by making a traditional rock record the band made the biggest deviation of their career. Four albums in! Unfortunately, it appears that it could be their last since they announced the dreaded "indefinite hiatus" back in November.

Tambourine, ukulele, and trying to "catch up" to someone who is not in love with you anymore.
Cut And Run

This song is (to me) the saddest on the record. Filled with vivid imagery, visions of someone who isn't there anymore, and a great piano hook.

Verity Sussman is getting a lot of attention currently for Vera November with a single out via Too Pure's Singles Club. They are also putting out Ros Murray's Ray Rumours And The No-Eyed Deers project in February also as part of the singles club.


The Delgados

If push comes to shove and I am forced to name a favorite band it is The Delgados. I posted a song here recently from their first album, Domestiques, and mentioned that I find the first record to be pretty standard mid 90s indie rock. Certainly not a record that gave any real indication of the genius and orchestral beauty bubbling right under the surface.

Two short years later (in 1998) they released Peloton, somehow managing to find the time to write and record all while running Chemikal Underground Records. I still remember the day at the record store when I purchased this album. I recalled liking the first record and took a chance on this one. Within the first few seconds of putting it on I knew that I was not in for the usual fare. Flute! They had become softer and more melodic. They also sounded a lot more depressed and that always bodes well for me liking a band. I sat there listening from start to finish feeling more and more in love with the band as each song played. I had filled the void that Tiger Trap had left within me when they disbanded. I had a new favorite (more mature!) band. The song Everything Goes Around The Water still recalls that day so vividly for me.
Everything Goes Around The Water
Pull The Wires From The Wall

Another two years passed by and I was anxiously awaiting their new record for most of it! I had no idea what to expect since there had been such growth between the first and second records. I bought The Great Eastern the day it came out. I rushed home to put it on and didn't like it very much. I have to be in the correct head/emotional space to connect with music and that time in my life was very tumultuous. I think the record initially was too much for me. Too emotional and depressing. It was like crawling under blankets and nearly suffocating. However, I came back to the record a short time later and it all clicked. To this day, it is my favorite Delgados record. I find that a good number of my favorite albums are growers. They take awhile to grab me but once they do they never let go. This was the album that they first toured the U.S. for and the night I saw them in San Francisco at Bottom Of The Hill will probably forever be one of my favorite memories. I don't think I believed that they would be able to reproduce the album live but they did so expertly with help from strings and a flutist/keyboard player.
American Trilogy
Make Your Move

A friend at a record store made sure to grab me an advanced copy of Hate and the wait was still excruciating. My fandom had reached absurd levels - bootlegs, videos, contacting the band - but I was on a personal mission to introduce this band to as many people in the world that I could. My initial reaction was that it wasn't incredibly different from the previous album. I knew that it had been influenced by the work they did with the artist Joe Coleman (basically accompanying a film of his paintings with new and original instrumental work) and that it was going to be very dark stuff, even for them. I gave myself some time with the record and began to really appreciate the depths they were willing to go. Emma Pollock (guitars/vocals) had been pregnant and then suffered from post-partum depression and it is somehow conveyed without being blatant. Alun Woodward (guitars/vocals) was also able to tap into some very deranged places - I always got the feeling that his songs on the record were more influenced by their Coleman work. Of course, it wouldn't be a Delgados record without some poppy moments - twisted sentiments abound but coated in sugar.
All You Need Is Hate
The Light Before We Land

Finally, their last album, Universal Audio. I was honored when bass player Stewart Henderson offered to send me an advanced copy. As a superfan it felt like the best possible day of my life. I was nervous to listen to it - I guess I was worried that they would be in a rut. I should have known that they would never have been satisfied to do such a thing! This record is a triumph in good old fashioned indie pop. They had drastically reduced the grand arrangements and had brought in more keyboards. The guitars felt more prominent than they had in awhile, the drums sounded more organic (Paul Savage is also a producer who runs their Chem19 recording studio) and there were even more vocals on display with Stewart handling some of the backing vocal parts. I know that some people complained about the lack of strings but I always thought that it was a brilliant move. Not stagnating; moving forward by doing something different. I had the joy of seeing them one last time in San Francisco. (I only got to see them 3 times before they disbanded. This still makes me incredibly depressed.) Stewart decided to leave the band and that was that. (It's embarrassing to admit this but I sent Stewart an e-mail the morning I found out - to say that I was inconsolable is an understatement; I was sobbing uncontrollably for several hours. I was just trying to express to him that there were people who really appreciated and loved the band. I still worry that I came off as not very understanding of his reasons for leaving.)
Girls Of Valour
Sink Or Swim

I still find The Delgados to be a vastly underrated band and a worthwhile one to champion. I hope that some of you take a chance on them if you've never heard them or given them your attention before.


The Tall Boy

I don't know all that much about this band other than the fact that they're from the rich musical land of Glasgow, Scotland. They mine the sweet and catchy pop song territory familiar to those who are fans of Belle & Sebastian, The Clientele, and bands of that ilk. The singer/guitarist used to be in Boyracer apparently which is not something I knew until I decided to post on them. The internet is full of information!

(Disclosure - Banazan Records has released music I've played on.) This e.p. is excellent from start to finish. I'm not sure how Banazan and The Tall Boy came together but I think they are an excellent fit. Truth be told, this is in my top 3 releases for this label!

The first song I'm posting is the strongest pop song on the record - handclaps are involved! (Off the top of my head I can't think of a song with handclaps that I don't like so maybe I'm biased.)

This is my second favorite song from the Go Forth release. A bit slower and more reserved but it will still implant itself in your brain.
And Back Again



I first heard YellowFever when they contacted an old band of mine about playing a show together here in nyc. We weren't able to play the show with them but I was instantly hooked on their charming songs. They vaguely remind me of many bands but not really enough to draw a comparison. What seems to be said most about them is that they would have fit in quite nicely with the early K Records bands. I agree.

I somehow missed seeing them play until this past August. They had played a good number of shows I could have gone to here but for some reason I ended up seeing them first at the Athens Popfest. The songs were very strong live and there was some instrument swapping going on. They seemed to be having a good time even though they didn't have the best time slot. My enjoyment of a band can be ruined by many things but it can also be enhanced by many things - a band with a poor attitude/not having fun is a joy killer, but a band that is smiling and playful can make me enjoy their set even more. I think that if a band brings you into their good time it really enhances the experience for both band and audience. I think YellowFever are quite good at making the show fun for all involved! (As you will see, I've posted tour dates below which is why I'm focusing a bit more on the live aspect here.)

Two songs to help you decide if they might be your cup of tea! This first song is the more up-tempo of the two. The first 2 or 3 seconds of it always makes me think I'm going to hear a My Teenage Stride song called "Your Unconventional Devil" which for some reason amuses me.

This song is a slower song which makes the middle part where it crashes in on you more powerful. I love when a song does that to you when you're not expecting it.
Culver City

Jan 22 - Albuquerque, NM
Jan 23 - Tucson AZ
Jan 24 - San Diego CA
Jan 25 - Los Angeles, CA
Jan 26 - Merced CA
Jan 27 - Davis, CA
Jan 28 - San Francisco CA
Jan 29 - Long Beach, CA
Jan 30 - Phoenix AZ
Jan 31 - El Paso TX

more information about these shows can be found on their myspace page.

Hugpatch released the Culver City EP back in October 2007, and MT.ST.MTN are releasing a 7" very soon.


The I Live The Life Of Movie Star Secret Hideout

A band that I got into because I read about them in a zine! My all time favorite zine! Caught In Flux covered bands that I loved and bands I would soon love after discovering them via this zine. Mr. Applestein and his cohorts had excellent musical taste and their enthusiasm about music was leaping off the page. You couldn't help but want to hear the bands you hadn't yet heard. Sometimes the writing could even make me go back to something I had put aside and give it another listen with fresh ears. Didn't always agree with their opinions but more often than not I did which often meant that I would hunt down things I couldn't find easily.

Something about the interview with Adam Bayer made me sure of the fact that I would enjoy The I Live The Life Of A Movie Star Secret Hideout... maybe it was the reference to the simplicity and innocence of Beat Happening? Yeah, that was probably it. Girl/Boy vocals are another plus. His nerdy way of talking about the chord progressions was endearing instead of annoying. I ordered the album Gale Wind Transistor from the label because I couldn't find it anywhere. It is very simple and sweet - more mellow than most Beat Happening but definitely in that vein. I still listen to this record 10 or so years on! I wish I could say the same for their other album that I heard or the other projects he's been involved in. (You can google him if you're dying to know.) However, one excellent album is still more than most bands accomplish!

Probably the most forward moving song on the album - Adam handles vocals on this one.
Atom Blast

This song is a good example of what the essence of the album is - simple drums and guitars with the vocals of Maria Pitallano carrying you away.
Cherrys Constantine



Rocketship is Dustin Reske's musical vessel. They've been around in one form or another since 1993. Whenever I would go to see them the other band members were ill (this happened TWICE) and Dustin performed with just a guitar. If you download these songs you will hear why that is not the best representation of this band! I was curious to know what the full band sounded like so I picked up a 7" on the Bus Stop label. It was instant love! Sugar sweet pop songs that were crafted so well. I always thought that Rocketship and Velocity Girl should tour together. Mining the same territory without being the same. Hey Hey Girl is on that first 7" and I can't think of a better song to introduce yourself with to the music nerds of the world. (There's also a nice Softies cover of this song floating around - Dustin and Rose are very good friends. They did a song together on Rose's first solo album Portola which is really sweet and fun with a rollicking drum beat that I love.)

Hey Hey Girl

I didn't know this until recently but apparently the Slumberland Records comp Why Popstars Can't Dance is out of print! This seems like a seriously wrong thing - it is such a fantastic compilation. I can't think of a better introduction to that label or to what they were trying to do. However, I was very happy to find out that they're back to releasing music again. Seemed like they disappeared for awhile. This song, Your New Boyfriend, is on that comp and I don't think it's available anywhere else. I could be wrong!

Your New Boyfriend

I also love their first album to death and recommend picking it up if you like the songs posted above.



The Delgados are definitely one of my all time favorite bands. I had a show on KDVS when they released their first album, Domestiques, in 1996. I had already been a fan of their label Chemikal Underground Records (yes, I admit it, I liked Bis) but hadn't yet heard them when the station received a copy of the record. I played it and liked it quite a bit, sort of filed the name of the band away in my brain, and went about my business. I will be doing a post on them at some point (sadly, they called it a day back in 2005) and go into much more detail.

Today I want to post a track from that first album. Really not indicative of where they would go with their sound (I consider the first record to be pretty standard indie rock. Who knew that they would turn into orchestral pop masters?!) but I think that is precisely why I like it. I love when a band releases a good first record and then simply blows your mind with the leaps and bounds they've made with their second. I find this song strange because it mentions chicken. I don't know why I find that so strange - it's just such a mundane little detail to include in a song.

The Delgados - Akumulator

Another long time favorite of mine is Knock Knock who have been around since 1999 or 2000. They just released a new album which is killing me daily with the awesomeness of the songs. I will be giving them their own post soon as well. If you're a fan of boy/girl harmonies and insanely catchy guitar based indie pop you cannot go wrong with Knock Knock! The album is available on Wilde Records for $8 with postage paid! Probably the best $8 I will spend all year. Anyhow, this song also mentions chicken! (It also reminds me of a song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show but I haven't seen that in about 20 years so take that with a grain of salt.) Another random little detail in the context of the song. Yes, I find it strange. Yet I also find it extremely likable.

Knock Knock - Michael


The Aislers Set/Aden

I became a huge Henry's Dress fan at least initially because of their connection to Tiger Trap. (As I understand it, when Henry's Dress left Albuquerque they moved to Sacramento for a short time before settling in San Francisco. They lived either in the Tiger Trap house or with Rose Melberg at her house. They ended up on a split 7" together released by Slumberland. I posted the Tiger Trap song Alien Space Song from that 7" in one of my first posts.) When they released Bust 'Em Green (their second release of substance) I couldn't believe how good they had become in such a short amount of time. When they disbanded shortly after that I was pretty upset. I felt that they could only grow and get more interesting.

However, once I heard The Aislers Set I got over it! Truth be told, I did not give Terrible Things Happen a very good review in KDViationS when it came out. I have always regretted that because it is a fantastic record. I think that it seemed a bit slow and boring to me on the first few listens - it certainly wasn't the Henry's Dress sound that I had loved so much. There are many up-tempo pop gems on that first record and the slower songs are really great as well.

Once they started playing live shows I really fell in love. I generally don't dance at shows but for whatever reason I almost always dance at their shows. I find them to be an exuberant live experience. By the time they released The Last Match I considered them to be one of my favorite bands both recorded and live. A great song from that second record is below. In their hands it's a fast, slightly fuzzy, yet still poppy and fun song. I'm not usually one for covers but the Aden cover is absolutely brilliant! It's what a cover should be - a deconstruction (in this case a country tinged version) and the cover bands own unique take. It's slower and acoustic yet the song is still just as powerful. I believe that Sara (who runs blowin your cover) put that cover on a mix cd for me many years ago now!

I am anxiously awaiting the next Aislers Set record - I hope for a 2008 release! I hear that they've been recording off and on for awhile now. The band has gradually lost/changed members over the years so I'm very curious at this point. A funny note, I was not crazy about their last album, How I Learned To Write Backwards, until I saw them play it live. I was thankful to not have written another review slighting a record I would grow to love!

The Red Door.mp3 - The Aislers Set

The Red Door.mp3 - Aden


Helium / The Mary Timony Band

Mary Timony is the sort of musician who has been a part of so many projects that it's hard to pick two! Autoclave seem like the obvious choice but Helium really did it for me. I got on board with Pirate Prude and they never lost me. One of my most fond memories is going to see Helium with my friend T at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco. It was one of those nights when everything worked out - the show was sold out so we arrived very early to make sure we got in. Having not stopped to eat we decided to order food there while we waited for the night to begin. For some unknown reason they ended up giving us a lot of free food! The show was amazing - we were both completely riveted - especially by her guitar playing. This first song was actually from their very first 7" release that I didn't stumble upon until 1998 or 1999 though it came out in 1993. It is probably my favorite Helium song.
The American Jean.mp3

After Helium broke up Mary Timony completely lost me. I couldn't even get into The Spells! The first two records, Mountains and The Golden Dove are not bad records. I just couldn't connect to the playing or subject matter. When I first heard Ex Hex I felt relief that Mary was back to what I had loved so much with Helium - guitar weirdness and rock. I don't like prog rock but I like the songs she writes and I often feel like they teeter on the edge of that description. It wasn't until The Shapes We Make was released in 2007 that I felt that crazy passion return.

After about 10 years I finally saw Mary Timony live again. Fittingly, T had also moved East and was at the show along with me and J. The show was in a space in Williamsburg down by the East River. For some reason the setting seemed more perfect to me than any above boards club could have. When the band started playing I lost my mind. They were so good! I actually enjoyed this line up more than the Helium show 10 years before. A 3 piece that can fill a room like that is awe inspiring and powerful to me. Mary's usual drummer (Devin Ocampo) was not with her but I absolutely loved Joe Wong's playing, and bassist/keyboard player Chad Molter was killing me as well. A very tight 3 piece. It appeared that they were having a really good time even with technical glitches. Somehow the audience kept getting them back out to play more and more - at one point I actually felt that if we kept it up they would play all night. The Shapes We Make made it on my list of favorite albums from 2007 and this is my favorite song from the album.
Killed By The Telephone.mp3

Mary Timony on myspace

No posts again until Sunday or Monday as I will be away for the next few days.



In 1994 I got super into Excuse 17. Saw them play quite a few times and somehow started corresponding with their guitar player. I had informed her that if they ever needed a place to crash while touring to let me know. In the summer of 1995 I received a postcard asking if her new band could crash at my place en route to L.A. from Olympia. They did indeed stay over and gave me a copy of their first cd for my trouble. However, it was their drummer who I really hit it off with. I went to all of their Northern California shows (something like 5 shows) and spent most of my time talking to the drummer! When she moved back to Australia we stayed in touch.

The following year she came back to tour with Bonfire Madigan. She had released a cd under the name Ninetynine. I had them come on to my radio show and play live. Went to a bunch of shows they played - at that time Ninetynine was a two piece! I could not believe what the band had evolved into by the next cd and tour! A total powerhouse both on recording and live. To this day, some of the best shows I have seen have been Ninetynine shows. Laura and I managed to stay in touch - it helped that they toured the states about once every year or two.

In 2000 or 2001 they came to tour. At that point Laura was pregnant so it seemed that perhaps the Ninetynine touring days would be slowing down. I was very surprised to see them listed on the bill for the Athens Popfest this past year! Me and Laura had fallen out of touch over the past 6 years so I was very excited to see her and the band! Well, even after being up for nearly 24 hours they still were better than any band I saw during the Popfest! Every single time I have seen them play over the years I would always notice that the audiences reaction was of amazement - puzzled that they had never heard of this band that had just absolutely floored them. Cameron Potts (also of Baseball) is probably my favorite drummer in music today. He is an animal. His fills on the bass drum blow my mind. The 2007 line-up was smaller than a lot of the previous line-ups with just Cameron and Laura joined by the talented and awesome Meg Butler. I can't understand how Ninetynine are not worshiped by the indie mass. They are weird in all the right places.

In hopes of inspiring mass adoration I present 2 songs -the first from the latest album Worlds Of Space, Worlds Of Population, Worlds Of Robots and the second being my favorite Ninetynine song from one of my all time favorite albums 180 Degrees. You might have to search their albums out but I assure you that it is worth the effort!

Receiving The Sounds Of Science Fiction.mp3


Ninetynine on myspace


The Bright Ideas

I moved to the east coast from Sacramento about 2 1/2 years ago but I cannot escape the music that comes out of that place. There is a group of people there that put shows on for no reason other than they love the bands. Venues there right now are practically non-existent. Every few years Davis and Sacramento seem to trade off on where the majority of shows are happening. Seems like Davis is stepping up right now with house shows. The city has been morphing and changing into something unrecognizable - generic outdated clubs that belong back in the 90s, ridiculously overpriced restaurants, a general "clean up" of the city to make it more "appealing" to wealthy white people. However, this little scene that exists there continues to thrive because people are passionate about music.

This band, The Bright Ideas, is/was (not sure what the official status is) led by Scott Miller. Scott has been in several bands including The Bananas and The Tiki Men (both bands as drummer) and he was the singer/guitarist for Nar, a much loved Sac band that Rose Melberg's Go Sailor covered. I believe he is currently in a band called The English Singles but perhaps I am wrong. He also ran Secret Center records for a good long while. These two songs are taken from a cd called Saturdays And The Turning Tide which you can buy from Tonevendor but they also have several 7"s available. The blurb on the tonevendor page says that the cd was inspired by Felt's The Pictorial Jackson Review and by The Television Personalities - I definitely think you can hear those influences so if you happen to like either band you will probably enjoy this!

Falling Down.mp3




Another sort of monumental musical thing for me was queercore. Freaky queers have been in the music world for a long time, but this was the first time I was encountering music that I felt a real connection to. People were singing about shit that I was living! In 1996 there was a queercore festival in San Francisco called Dirty Bird. At that point, I really didn't think anything could be more amazing. A lot of bands played the event (Cypher In The Snow, The Need, Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live), but I was most excited to see Sta-Prest. I had been playing the hell out of their Vespa Sex 7" on my radio show but had not managed to see them live. Their music was F-U-N like nothing else at the time. They were not a disappointment live. They ended up releasing 3 7"s and were on some compilations. According to their myspace page a cd collection will be released at some point.

This song is my favorite, from the first 7" on Outpunk Records.
Rilly Bad Scene.mp3

The second 7" (also on Outpunk) was a lot more concise and to the point featuring only 2 songs. Both songs are total winners but this song is for the corporate drones of the world.
You Are The Company Spy.mp3

Sta-Prest on myspace

Sta-Prest wikipedia page


Tiger Trap

Let's travel back in time to an era before the internet. A time when things like discovering new music wasn't a click away. I've been obsessed with music since I was 3 years old. Any early memory I have is associated with music somehow. Lucky for me, I was the last of 5 kids so I was exposed to A LOT of different types of music while growing up. My mom spoiled me with Motown. Not all of my siblings were so kind - a lot of Journey, Hall & Oates, disco, and Top 40 in the late 70s and early 80s. Within a few years my sister M would be a teen and into bands like Depeche Mode and The Smiths. Another year and it would be skate punk. We shared a room and I soaked it all in.

By the late 80s I had discovered the local college station, KDVS , from UC Davis. It blew my mind. Such strange music! Me and my friends liked metal - everything from pop metal/hair bands to speed metal and death metal. We also liked classic rock. However, the strange music I would hear late at night while insomnia kept me up was pulling me in. I remember buying The Pixies Doolittle when I was 13 and playing it for my metal friends. They looked at me very strangely and it was clear we were moving in different directions.

In 1993 I was all of 17 and very depressed. I was heavy into Joy Division. Then, one day I was reading the newspapers entertainment section and there was a write up on a local band called Tiger Trap. It sounded awesome! 4 young girls playing music (my #1 fantasy was to be in a band) and they lived in my city! Their record was released so I went to the local record store and picked it up. It blew my mind. I liked it even more than I thought I would. They were playing a show soon and I was determined to go. Gathered some friends up and went to my first punk show! Also on the bill? Cupid Car Club and Slant 6. Talk about a life changing experience! An entire world that I was on the periphery of through KDVS suddenly became mine. Independent music became my everything. If it had the K shield on it I figured it was worth buying. Kill Rock Stars quickly got onto my radar. So for the past (almost) 15 years I have lived and breathed independent music. I fulfilled my dream of being in a band, I was a dj on KDVS, and I can assure you that none of it would have even seemed possible to me if I hadn't heard Tiger Trap all those years ago.

These 2 songs are my very favorites of theirs. I'm a sucker for the verse, chorus, verse, chorus structure and the sweet sadness so You And Me is a given.
You And Me.mp3

Alien Space Song was released after the band broke up. It is from a split 7" with Henry's Dress on Slumberland Records. I found out about it when I was working at a local record store but it was already out of print. I was crushed! I somehow got in touch with Mike from Slumberland and I must have seemed really distraught because he found a copy of it somewhere in the Slumberland stacks for me. It remains a prized possession. This song sounds unlike anything else that was recorded by them and I think that it's a really great track.
Alien Space Song.mp3


Dipping My Toes In The Water

As I figure out hosting mp3s and such I will be posting things of that nature here. As someone who has been in bands and released music on independent labels, worked at a college radio station, and who generally loves and supports independent music and labels I would like to make clear from the get go that my only hope is that if you hear something here and like it PLEASE go out and buy it!
Other assorted things such as opinions on restaurants, perhaps some recipes, and various thoughts as they enter my head and leave my fingers.