New Bloods

New Bloods are a relatively new band (they had their first practice March 2006) from Portland, Oregon. Drums, Bass, Violin and voices intertwine and come out like a cross between The Raincoats and Erase Errata. I feel like New Bloods are a bit more melodic than either of those bands though. Kill Rock Stars just released their album The Secret Life this past Tuesday. They are touring like maniacs and there is a chance for a good portion of you to catch them since they will be hitting the states AND Europe! They need a bit of help so if you happen to be in Denver, Boise, or Omaha or Lincoln, Nebraska and can help them out you should get in touch with them. I'm including the date and location of the shows currently booked, if you want full information follow the link to their myspace page at the start of the entry.

Two of my favorites...
The Secret Life
The Cycle Song

Apr 11 Olympia, Washington
Apr 18 Portland, Oregon
Apr 20 Vancouver, British Columbia
Apr 21 Seattle, Washington
Apr 22 HELP US! Boise, Idaho
Apr 23 Salt Lake City, Utah
Apr 24 HELP US! Denver, Colorado
Apr 25 HELP US! Omaha or Lincoln, Nebraska
Apr 26 Kansas City, Missouri
Apr 27 St. Louis, Missouri
Apr 28 Bloomington, Indiana
Apr 29 Detroit, Michigan
May 3 New York, NEW YORK
May 4 Providence, Rhode Island

May 7 Leeds
May 8 Newcastle
May 9 Bristol
May 10 London
May 11 Cork
May 12 Belfast
May 13 Dublin
May 14 Paris
May 15 Nantes
May 16 Madrid
May 17 Barcelona
May 18 Bordeaux
May 19 Lyon
May 21 Berlin
May 22 Berlin
May 23 Amsterdam
May 24 London

May 29 Washington DC
Jun 3 Athens, Georgia
Jun 4 Gainesville, Florida
Jun 6 Pensacola, Florida

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