The Magnetic Fields

Another band with so much to choose from! It took me awhile to warm up to The Magnetic Fields - it wasn't until 69 Love Songs that I became obsessed. I had liked songs prior to that but something about the scope of that project really got to me. Some of my favorite songs ever come from those records. Seeing the band live is probably the best way to experience the music just because it's completely different than the recorded versions and of course the cranky Mr. Merritt and the personable Ms. Gonson somehow balancing each other out. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they're touring again for the latest record. You can find dates at the end of this post.

This is my preferred version of this classic song. An extremely clever song. Definitely ranks as one of the best songs Stephin Merritt has ever written. No easy feat!
I Don't Believe You

My current favorite song from the 69 Love Songs record. I love the interplay between Claudia and Stephin's voices and the hilarity of the lyrics.
Yeah! Oh, Yeah!

A bonus song from the latest record, Distortion, which I enjoyed even more in a live setting. Especially this song. Stephin took the lead vocal with Claudia and Shirley singing the backing parts. It was brilliant and funny and sad, just like so many of their songs.
The Nuns Litany

Tour Dates:

Oct 10 Minneapolis, MN
Oct 11 Madison, WI
Oct 13 Dallas, TX
Oct 14 Austin, TX
Oct 15 Boulder, CO
Oct 17 Atlanta, GA
Oct 18 Raleigh, NC
Oct 23 Jersey City, NJ
Oct 24 Columbus, OH
Oct 25 Philadelphia, PA
Oct 26 Washington, DC


Lil Jimmi said...

I have my tickets to the Philly show.
Can't wait!

®™ said...

yeah, we're making the trek to jersey city!

i'm going to add you on the old lj, hope that's cool?!