Lord Cut Glass update

From a Chemikal Underground Records e-mail update:

Lord Cut Glass - June 22nd!!!

For those of you waiting over four years for a new body of work from Delgado-extraordinaire Alun T. Woodward, then rub the sleep out of your eyes - the wait is over.

Twelve songs of theatrical, acerbic, poignant brilliance lie in wait with the release of the eponymously titled Lord Cut Glass on June 22nd. The track listing is as follows...

01. Even Jesus Couldn't Love You
02. Look After Your Wife
03. Holy Fuck!
04. I'm A Great Example To The Dogs
05. Monster Face
06. You Know
07. Be careful What You Wish For
08. Picasso
09. A Pulse
10. Big Time Teddy
11. Toot Toot

Previews, exclusives and interviews to follow once we get a minute to collect ourselves...

HELLO, CAN YOU TELL THAT I'M EXCITED?! I have indeed been waiting since the demise of The Delgados for this record!

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