Let It Be Me

I wonder how many songs get their own wikipedia page? The song Let It Be Me has quite a history that I only learned of fairly recently. The internet is magical in that way! My own history with the song is simple - my mom had a cassette tape in her car that had the version I'm posting on it. I must have heard the Everly Brothers singing it and probably the Elvis rendition as well while growing up but I have no recollection of this. It was as a twenty-something that I first remember hearing it, not just hearing it but becoming obsessed with it. A few years back I thought of this song and did a search on iTunes for it. This version was not available. I ended up with the live version done by Elvis which was okay but I really felt like it was missing the emotion behind this cover. In fact, all of the other versions that I listened to were missing something for me. So I kept searching for this particular release. Since I only recently found it and am overjoyed I decided to share my joy with you! This is the Betty Everett and Jerry Butler version of Let It Be Me - in my opinion, the definitive version.

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