Eleanor Friedberger

I am pretty dang sure I've posted on the Fiery Furnaces before. I would imagine that the post talked about my love for the more straightforward songs. The sad songs. Well, Eleanor Friedberger has released her first solo record. Guess what song is my favorite? Yep, the straightforward sad song. I am as predictable as a clock but that's okay. The favorite is I Wont Fall Apart on You Tonight. I think the rest of the album will be a grower because off the bat this is the only song that really grabbed me. The record is a snapshot of places and times and I am fond of that style of writing. Especially when it's places that I'm so familiar with. Having your view of something and then hearing someone else sharing theirs is always an eye opening experience. Obviously Eleanor is incredibly talented and I respect the less straight ahead approach to songwriting. If I can find my way in, I do think that this could be a great summer bleeding into fall record.

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