Vivian Girls

A year ago this August I thought I was going to see Vivian Girls play a show in Brooklyn. It ended up that I was in Athens for the Popfest and missed them. I still haven't seen them and am starting to feel ashamed! A friend of mine in Oakland has even seen them and that's 3000 miles away. This goes to show how little I make it out for shows these days, I can't even see a band in my own backyard. Ah, well, perhaps this is the true worth of the internet - I don't have to leave my house to go stand around at shows. I digress...

I am puzzled by bloggers posting the longer songs by this band! There is absolutely nothing wrong with their bread and butter being songs under two minutes long. In fact, they should be applauded for not being afraid of having short songs. Too many bands these days are concerned with writing a 4 minute pop song when it's been proven time and again that you can get in and out in under 2 and show the world your brilliance in that time. It's fairly obvious here that I get much more enjoyment out of their shorter songs, no?

Especially this song!
All The Time
It reminds me of Tiger Trap, and that, my friends, is a great thing. Throw in a surf guitar lead and I might think I was hearing an early lost recording. This song exemplifies what Vivian Girls do well. You like this song and you will like the band.
Wild Eyes
This is a slower and sweeter version of what they do best. Based on their first releases it's clear that they have impeccable influences and I'm pretty excited to hear what comes next. Check the tour dates on their myspace page. You will probably see them before I do.

(Still more guests to come, a move to take place, and a vacation to have. Posting will continue to be sporadic until August.)


Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with you regarding the musical link between Vivian Girls and Tiger Trap.

®™ said...

i hear a lot of the bands that they cite as influences but i was surprised that they didn't list tiger trap since that is actually the most glaring to me!