Well, thankee!

Hello to all! I am very grateful for and excited over this lovely invitation to contribute to Logical Logic. Thank you!  It's an honor and privilege--and I really mean that. This is a wonderful, thoughtful, and tasteful blog, and I hope to live up to all that. And yes, indeed, I'll be posting songs from mostly the late 70s and early 80s. This is an era that gets an inordinate amount of attention, on the Internets and everywhere else, but I'll hopefully be posting gems that you haven't heard of, or maybe have heard of but never heard. In any event, gems they will be, and they'll every one of them improve your life. This I can comfortably promise. So, where Logical Logic hearkens to a time before Internet access to music, I'll try to take you back to a time before there was even any popular notion of "independent" music at all. When things were a mess, but when the music being made and recorded [often on big-ass labels] was fresh and original and exciting in a way that is hadn't been before and has never been, to my mind, since. That sounds like fuddy-duddism, I know, but hopeful I'll be able to convince you.

And...now to push this button that says "publish post"--can it be that easy? Will this thing publish something else altogether? Will it send this post straight to some creepy cyber void? I have no idea. I am as new to this as I could be, so I may fuck things up a bit at first, and I beg your patience ahead of time. I'll post some music in a couple of days, after I'm sure what I'm about to do hasn't killed the blog...

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