Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

Can't say that I'm a huge Jonathan Richman fan or anything but I do find some of his songs totally charming or awesome. The number one choice for charming and awesome is this song:
Back in Your Life
I mean, really. Listen to it and tell me that if somebody wrote that song for you that your pants wouldn't be charmed off. Mine certainly would.

This song is more awesome than charming but only by a nose. His young man enthusiasm is infectious. You can't help but get a smile on your face when this song kicks in. I often have trouble controlling my desire to dance in my seat on the subway when this song comes on. I don't dance. That's how good this song is.
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theneedledrop said...

He's very amateur, but that's what really makes his songs most of the time. Have you heard the first Modern Lovers Record?

®™ said...

my post tomorrow continues on in the same vein of amateur kind of making things sometimes. i totally agree.

yes, the first record is the only one i love.