Noise Addict / Ben Lee

Who didn't love Noise Addict? So cute! Young Australian's making indie pop. What's not to love? I preferred the Young and Jaded e.p. to the full length they put out. Probably due to this cover:
Back In Your Life (jonathan richman)
Come on! That is awesome! I love kids with impeccable musical taste.

I actually still love the first Ben Lee record. It's upsetting to think that I've hated everything he's put out since. I don't fall for novelty so I don't think that's it. Maybe it says more about me? I still believe in a teenagers version of crushes and love. I couldn't get behind his adult take on those topics. I think that as we grow up and get hurt we become more closed off as a defense mechanism. It's hard to imagine an adult writing songs as naked as the ones on Ben's first album or the Noise Addict songs. My all time favorite Ben Lee song...
Don't Leave

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