Eksi Ekso

It's a snowy day here in NYC so I thought I would post about some music that definitely enhances a snow day mood. Eksi Ekso are a band from Boston. Featuring former members of The Burning Paris and On Fire (which means nothing to me but maybe something to some of you?) the band is covering the much enjoyed (by me at least) genre of orchestral pop. Vaguely reminds me of my favorite band, The Delgados. Their album, I Am Your Bastard Wings, is taken in better as a whole which many of you probably know is a rare thing these days. Today it's about the single and that seems true even for some of the bigger indie bands. Sad state of affairs, I tell you. To encourage you more fully to purchase and listen to the record as a whole I would like to put a link to the double vinyl version instead of the cd version. You should go to the Mylene Sheath store and pick this up. If you're not convinced by the description of "snow day music" take a listen to these songs...
I Though You Died Last Time
Just Leave

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