The Need

Yet another Rachel Carns band! Probably the band she is best known for. Her and Radio were a revelation! I got to see the band live many many times and they always brought it. Metal dudes liked them which was perhaps my favorite thing about seeing them live. There were always some metal dudes in the audience at these shows looking a bit out of place but not giving a shit. They were there to rock the fuck out to Radio's awesome guitar playing and Rachel playing her stand up drum kit like a total maniac. Even the singing fit perfectly for the style of music - a homage to and not a parody of metal.

This is definitely a favorite song. From the Destination compilation which if I remember correctly also had Team Dresch on it. Do I remember correctly? Not sure!

This song was always my favorite to see live!
The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
I think it's the epitome of The Need sound and songwriting style. Awesome song. (I never had a copy of this song until recently. Found it on an awesome blog called Pukekos.)


downtown guy said...

I think I'm the only person I know who saw them live and sort of said "meh." They just never grabbed me.

Photos By Nathan Backous said...

While The Green MAnalishi is totally an awesome song, its actually originally a Fleetwood Mac song, later covered excellently by Judas Priest, and then even more excellently by The Melvins (and many others).

d.c. said...

i did not know that it was a cover! (obviously) peter green era? or no? huh. i liked judas priest as a kid but don't remember it and never listened to the melvins all that much. thanks for letting me know - now i'm curious to hear the other versions.

Photos By Nathan Backous said...

I did see a couple "off" Need shows (fall 1999 w/ Fugazi, meh) but dozens of "on" shows.

I've never heard a bad rendition of The Green Manalishi. Yes, Peter Green wrote it. It must be a "rite of passage" song for badass bands to play. Truly one of the best riffs ever. The Judas Priest version is on "Hellbent for Leather/Killing Machine" which is one of my all-time records. The Melvins version is on "The Maggot".