The Polyphonic Spree

I must start this by saying that I hate a band with a shtick. Especially costumes. Or too many members. Or a band that has too many members wearing costumes. These are the things that turned me off of this band. I know that the singer was in Tripping Daisy and Sonic Bloom is credited as a cover, but I've never heard the original and though I remember the band name I cannot tell you if I have ever even heard them before. I've probably only heard 4 Polyphonic Spree songs and for whatever reason this is the only one that grabs me. It really grabs me though! Just pure exuberance. The chorus of people in costumes is not annoying, it is necessary for this song. It propels itself forward and takes you on a 4 minute long ride of joy. I usually post bummer songs but this is a little pick me up from all that being sad music.

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