Three Kings Tattoo & Jawbreaker

I had a birthday this week and one of my gifts was some tattoo work. I'm a huge fan and hope to pretty much be covered one day. I've been getting work done for over 15 years and my mother actually got me my first tattoo as a birthday gift when I was underage. I'm not even sure if parents can still do that! I had an artist I liked very much back in California but after moving I knew the search would be on for a new artist.

When I first moved here I went to a shop that has a great reputation but found the experience to be underwhelming. A girl I used to know got some really great work done so I asked her for the artist's information and she pointed me in the direction of Alex McWatt. Not only is he an amazing and talented artist but he is also an incredibly nice and funny guy, and he is the only tattoo artist I will go to now. Alex is one of the owners of Three Kings Tattoo located in Brooklyn. He certainly doesn't need my help in getting business (he's booked solid all the time with at least a month long wait right now) but I'm always so happy with the work that he does that I feel I should spread the word even more. He's currently doing a graffiti piece for me that is in progress. Perhaps, once finished, I will post a photo. It looks awesome half done which I think says quite a lot.

One time while getting some work done (or maybe I was with a friend getting work done, I don't recall) we somehow ended up talking about Jawbreaker. While there on Tuesday night we discussed his love of Brooklyn. I thought it would be nice to post my favorite Jawbreaker song, Do You Still Hate Me?, in honor of my favorite tattoo artist. I haven't heard the new Blake Schwarzenbach fronted band yet but have heard it's more Jawbreaker than Jets To Brazil. I should track down some songs!

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