Projekt A-ko

I received a very nice e-mail from Darren who runs Filthy Little Angels in the UK. He not only wrote to me regarding his own label but also mentioned a band that I might like. It's like this guy knows me! He gave me a heads up about Projekt A-ko featuring three former members of Urusei Yatsura who happen to be a band I enjoyed quite a bit in their day. Now I have a new band to enjoy! Frankly, I think we all need new bands to enjoy.

I was sent three songs and it was incredibly difficult for me to choose which to post. I love all three! It came down to putting the music on shuffle and posting the first one that got played. With that I give you Molten Hearts. This is for the best as it is probably the catchiest of the three though they're all stuck in my head now. I hear the poppy aspects of Pavement and Sonic Youth in this song. Who can argue with that? If you direct yourself to their myspace page (linked above) you will find information on their upcoming debut release. I will have to get my hands on it for sure! May I suggest you do the same.


Valentine said...

I really liked Urusei Yatsura back in the day (especially that "Kewpies like watermelons RARRRRRR" song) so I'm pretty excited to hear that there's new music from some of the people involved!

Is there some rule that all their bands have to be named after anime?

d.c. said...

apparently there is a rule!

magnusk said...

Fergus Lawrie explains the band's obsession with anime in a recent interview over on http://indie-mp3.co.uk.