The Great Danes

The Great Danes is a solo project from One Happy Island member Rebecca. She writes some of the most charming pop songs I've heard in ages! When she sent me some songs I was thrilled and have been meaning to ask her if I could post one. As you may note, time has gotten away from me here... Anyway, I'm here now!

Milling is a catchy little pop ditty that takes often hijacks my brain. As the song builds so do perfectly nuanced little layers of instrumentation. Her voice is maybe my favorite part of it all. This girl has the perfect indie pop voice! I look forward to hearing more of the recordings and if Rebecca ever wants to take it live I hope to talk my way onto the drum throne!

(I promised that I would put in a disclaimer that this is a very rough recording. However, I don't think the disclaimer is necessary! The recording is just another charming aspect...)

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