Dum Dum Girls

I don't think I'll surprise anyone by stating that I've been sort of unexcited about most of the music that's been coming out for the past few years. I fully admit that this has caused me to write stuff off on the basis of one or two songs. Even worse, it's caused me to discount some things just based on the hype. The Dum Dum Girls fall into that category completely.

At x-mas time I downloaded the Crocodiles & Dum Dum Girls track and was super into it. Thought that perhaps the time had come to give them a shot. Shortly after that Jail La La became available and I grabbed it. Based on those two songs I have to say that I'm pretty excited to hear the full length coming out on Sub Pop March 30. I'm a sucker for the pop, what can I say?


quietcore said...

as you well know i'm super excited for this as well!

d.c. said...

i know, i can't believe that we're excited about the same thing for once!

The Kicker Conspiracy said...

definitely agree on this front!

nice blog


d.c. said...

thanks, yours too!