Emma Pollock

I think that we can all acknowledge that very few artists make albums anymore. It's more about the one catchy song that everyone will download or Apple will use for their iPod commercial. As a former musician, I do not begrudge this stance - musicians need to eat! As a fan, I miss the days of going on a journey with the artist. I'm not talking concept records (which I mostly despise) but simply an album which you know the songs were meant to be played together to get the big picture. It could be for thematic reasons or simply the mood of the music. Whatever the case may be, you knew that out of context the songs would take on different meaning BUT in context you would be rewarded with a greater understanding.

It's no great surprise that Emma has released an actual album... The Delgados were masters of the album. Emma's first solo record was good but I never felt strongly that it was an album. I saw her live a few times in support of the record and was happy to see her winning over the audience night after night. Live the songs really got a chance to come to life. I was excited to see her back at home on Chemikal Underground with this release and admittedly that fact alone gave me great hope that this would be more of a return to form for her. Obviously, I feel as if it is.

It's difficult for me to pick one song to represent what I feel is an album. I Could Be A Saint is one of the songs where the Emma Pollock songwriting style is in full effect. In other words, a good introduction for those of you who maybe haven't heard her, and something for those of you who know her to see that while she continues to grow she's still recognizable to us who have been longtime fans. The Law of Large Numbers is released in the U.S. today, March 2. Already available in the U.K. If you still believe in the album I recommend this to you. I hate to lecture but Chemikal Underground is an independent label and should be rewarded for carrying on and consistently releasing great material - don't be an ass and download this record for free.

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I downloaded it. Thanks.