The Bedsit Infamy Giveaway!

Lungs, My Heart. Blood, My Stomach is the title of the brand new Bedsit Infamy record which comes out April 1. The album is being released by Banazan Records so if you like what you hear please support them! Banazan was kind enough to pass along some giveaways - I have a t-shirt and cd for one lucky winner and I have 2 additional cds but no shirt with those. I looked and looked trying to find an image of the shirt but no luck so you'll have to take my word for it when I say that it is a very nice blue American Apparel t-shirt with a light blue design. TO ATTAIN SUCH FINE GOODIES E-MAIL ME! (the address is: thatwasinpoortaste@gmail.com - 1st response gets the t-shirt and cd, the next two get just the cd.)

Since I've written about Billy/The Bedsit Infamy before I will just leave you with a couple of tracks from the record. It was not an easy task to post only two songs because I find this record to be extremely solid from start to finish. I always default to posting my absolute favorite tracks, but if I could I would post the whole damn thing. However, I feel that these two songs best represent what the album sounds like and the feel behind the songs. Trinkets hidden in the songs to discover on each listen and an incredible sense of songwriting that will have you listening again and again.

Virginia, Lay Your Hands Upon Me
Red Lights



Anonymous said...

haha! any takers? xb.

®™ said...

yes, things work in mysterious ways. once the record was out i got responses. weird.