Russian Spy Camera

Russian Spy Camera are a band that J. got me into. The first time she took me to see them I heard hints of The Fall in some of their songs. However, when we saw them in Athens (their hometown) at the Popfest last August gone were The Fall influences and in were... I'm not sure what. The songs seemed longer and more drawn out, definitely less concise, and some even felt a bit jammy to me. Generally speaking I tend to like a shorter and catchier song but this is a wild generalization. The band has just released FOR FREE DOWNLOAD a new record. If you go to their website (linked above) you can find out what they're all about. I am choosing to put up what I think are the two catchiest songs from the record, Mutiny In The Kitchen With Knives, but on the record they stretch out on some songs and weird out on others. If you like it you can give them some money via a link on their site!

Pixels In Your Soup

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