Leave Me Alone

While riding the subway yesterday I was reminded by my iPod that I wanted to post these songs together. I love when I'm listening to something on shuffle and the pairings are perfect. I was feeling extremely depressed yesterday which only enhanced the pairing.

I've had several conversations about Bernard Sumner's lyrics. For the most part they're just not very good. However, if you think about where he was coming from and the shadow he had to step out of it's admirable that he didn't take the easy route and just rehash Ian's lyrical territory. I think everyone would have given him a pass if he had sung about wanting to off himself given the situation New Order formed from. Of course, this is a poor example of what I'm trying to illustrate. I do tend to prefer New Order guitar songs to the ecstasy fueled lyrics and synth/sequencer anthems. Once in awhile Barney could surprise.
Leave Me Alone

I actually dislike Primal Scream quite a bit. It's funny when a band has one (or two) excellent and amazing songs but everything else is not even tolerable! I never really got the Screamadelica love. I would almost think that love for it would be based on being there for it, but I certainly know people who love that record who have no physical connection to that time in the UK. I don't even try to understand when they turned into a very poor version of The Rolling Stones. Whatever, right? This song is gold.
Velocity Girl

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