Sonic Youth

I am not a patriotic person - I generally dislike the 4th of July. In fact, my favorite 4th of July was spent in Europe where it is obviously a non-event. However, today I am excited. Why? I am seeing Sonic Youth for free. I love SY and I love free so it's a very good situation. I haven't seen SY in 13 long years so I'm really looking forward to it. Of course, as the weather goes here it is overcast and thunderstorms are predicted throughout the day.

I'm extremely fond of demo versions of songs that are true demos! This is a great example of a song still being figured out. The wording and phrasing, the tempo, hearing this and then the band version really gives you the full picture of what it must mean to be Sonic Youth. I do like that this version can stand on its own.
Eric's Trip (Demo Version)

Initially I was going to post "Teenage Riot" as the second song but thought about the fact that a lot of people seem less excited about newer SY. I actually really loved the last record so figured I should post one of my favorites from that. Kim Gordon is the coolest. The fact that this band has so many songwriters and singers is part of what keeps them interesting. The fact that I can do a post and not put up a song that Thurston sings lead on is pretty telling and awesome.
What A Waste


Jacob said...

Hi! We have a mutual friend named Sean. He told me to check out your blog, which I'm now doing. I like it a lot.

So, what did you think of the Sonic Youth show? If you're interested, my post show comments (with drawing) are here.

And I'm also I fan of newer SY.

®™ said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Ah, yes, actually I used to be in some bands with Jenny and I know Sean through her.

I loved the show! I thought they sounded great! I love stuff like forgotten lyrics so that was actually a high point of the show for me.

I like your drawings! Want to exchange links? I'm going to put you in mine - no pressure though!

Jacob said...

You got it, dude! I've added you to my links section!

®™ said...

sweet! thanks!