The Faeries

I first met Ruby (who is The Faeries) back in 2001. She wanted to start a record label at the time and she actually did shortly after we met. Banazan Records has since put out a couple of compilations, quite a few full length albums, and several ep releases. There's been some vinyl, some cd-r releases, and full on manufactured releases as well. The label doesn't stay stuck in a rut of only releasing one particular genre either so the catalog is quite diverse.

The Faeries first came to my attention on the very first Banazan release which was a compilation featuring artists from a message board which shall remain nameless. A cover of Wire's Outdoor Miner was the first thing I heard and I was instantly hooked. Ruby's voice is fantastic! The Faeries are big on covers with everyone from The Go-Go's to Dolly Parton getting the treatment. I always enjoy a deconstructed cover and The Faeries covers are some of the most enjoyable out there. The originals are always sweet and poppy. Some might call it twee.

Today I will feature two originals and leave the covers for Blowin Your Cover to, uh, cover at some point. The first song is my all time favorite Faeries song. The perfect little crush song. Sweet and to the point with an insanely catchy melody and chorus.
Shy No More

This other song is a special treat - it's a demo version which Jed Smith of My Teenage Stride recorded the arrangement for. I hear the MTS stamp on this but that might be because I am very familiar with the original version with just guitar and voice. I would like to note that Ruby and Banazan were the first supporters of My Teenage Stride having released the first album and 7" single. I believe both are still available through Banazan. Anyhow, this is another incredibly sweet and sincere song and it's true! The ice cream trucks really do live on Lemon Street! This is what a day out can bring you - the basis for a great pop song!
The Ice Cream Trucks Live On Lemon Street (Demo)


Anonymous said...

great stuff. Ruby has a magical voice.

®™ said...

i think more people should ask her to sing on stuff...