One Happy Island

One Happy Island is a 4 piece indiepop band from Boston. They incorporate things like the ukulele, trumpet, and kazoo(!) into the standard indiepop sound. I saw them play February 2nd at the NYC Popfest fundraiser and they put on a fun show. Brad handled vocals, guitar, trumpet, and keyboard if I remember correctly. Rebecca played drums, ukulele, and also sang. She has a really good voice which they should definitely use more of! Clint handled bass, guitar, and kazoo(!) along with some backing vocals. Newest addition Shannon played guitar, keyboard, bass, and also chimed in with some backing vocals. The band plays around Boston quite often and I'm pretty sure will be here for the NYC Popfest. Catch them and their catchy and fun songs if you can!

WeePOP! Records is a cute label from across the pond. They release 3" CDRs in really simple yet fantastic packaging. The releases are limited to 120 copies so you had better move fast! Since Pulaski Park is only 4 songs I'm only going to post 1 song from it. The vocals on this one are handled by Rebecca and I think that it is the catchiest song from the release - enjoy!

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