Another one of my favorite bands is Joy Division. I remember hearing them for the first time when one of my older siblings played them in our shared room - I would guess that it was 1985 because it was a heavy UK phase for her. I didn't get into them on my own until 1992 though. The year I got my first cd player. I remember going to the record store and buying some cds to play and buying Unknown Pleasures because I remembered the name and liked the cover art. (I also purchased Echo & The Bunnymen and R.E.M. that day.) In 1992 I was extremely depressed so Joy Division were kind of the ultimate downer music I could buy without going goth. I spent several hours with headphones on listening to that record over and over. (I once had a therapist ask me if I ever thought that perhaps my choice in music is what caused my downward spirals into depression! I had to explain that it actually made me feel better.) I soon purchased the entire catalog of music and whatever else I could get my hands on.

When I started at KDVS someone pointed out the Warsaw bootleg cd that the station owned. I was completely fascinated that Joy Division became Joy Division only after having been Warsaw. Until I had heard the Warsaw songs I had imagined them to be Joy Division with a different name. It becomes clear how important Martin Hannett was to the Joy Division sound. Thank god that the RCA deal never worked out and Factory stepped in. Warsaw were a punk band; Joy Division a post-punk band. If you listen to these songs you will completely understand the distinction. (On a side note, the Anton Corbijn film Control seemed to receive a lot of mixed reviews but I absolutely loved it. Recommended if you haven't seen it.)

A much slower version of the Joy Division classic.

I believe that Steve Brotherdale played drums on this track. Can't think of ever hearing a Joy Division version of this song.
You're No Good For Me


Anonymous said...

i really like this site denise. i'm really like hearing about how you first heard or found music and it reminds me of all my own special times. keep up the writing!

®™ said...

thanks! i feel like it's kind of nerdy to go into my memories of bands but that's how i relate to music. when i find a new band i like it is easier to just be purely enthusiastic i guess!