The Spiral States

The Spiral States have gone through several name changes and line-ups over the years but as far as I know this is their first release - a 6 song e.p. available for free download at The Spiral States myspace page. It was difficult for me to pick which 2 to post but I wanted to show their capabilities at capturing various sounds.

The first song reminds me of Elvis Costello & The Attractions. Not such a bad thing to be sounding like! If we admit that the majority of music today is derivative of something I would much rather hear a band covering many different styles and stretching their abilities than somebody wanking off under the banner of originality. So bring on bands that actually add their own take to the mix.

This song definitely has a Motown feel to it. That is aces in my book. The brilliance behind almost every Motown song released in the 1960's and early 1970's is astounding. If more bands learned from that era and style of songwriting I think songwriting would be considered more of an art again. I really appreciate that The Spiral States are willing to bring that back a little bit with their take on it.
She's a Lover

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