Kicking Giant

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure that so far I've only written about one band that Rachel Carns has been in and that was here. So let us back track from that to her previous band, Kicking Giant. I first heard them on the Julep compilation which I picked up because of a Tiger Trap song. Compilations were a good way for me to get exposed to bands without committing $10 to a whole cd. I knew I liked Tiger Trap and Slant 6 (who also made an appearance on this comp) so it seemed like a safe bet. The comp. did indeed introduce me to many bands whose records I would go on to purchase.

The song on the Julep comp. was re-recorded and re-styled for their album. They both have their pluses and minuses though ultimately I think I prefer the album version just because it's a bit more rocking. Since I'm posting my favorite song from Alien i.D. I thought I'd go ahead and post the version I first heard instead even though I don't think it's quite as good as the later version.

The other song I'm posting is Kicking Giant's masterpiece. I don't know what to say about this song other than that.
She's Real (Version)

I will say that Tim Green's work on this album was one of the reasons why (at a much later date) I would push hard for one of the bands I was in to record with him. I enjoy pretty much all of the production work he did while living in Olympia.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Got this cd and like it very much, but never knew much about the band.

d.c. said...

There isn't a Kicking Giant wikipedia entry but the Rachel Carns entry is pretty informative about the band! Definitely a better history lesson than I provided.

Teeni said...

I forgot how much I loved this song!

d.c. said...

i know, right?! this was one of the cds i forgot about until i was packing to move and was like !!! and made a mental note.

do you read carrie brownstein's monitor mix blog? today she posted 4 links to unreleased spells songs, 2 of which you can download. remember the spells?!