Lord Cut-Glass / Emma Pollock

Chemikal Underground Records recently sent out a message to people on their mailing list that was of particular interest to me. Please read the most pertinent part of the mail:

"Ex-Delgados To Release New Material On Chemikal Underground...

Alun Woodward is set to release his debut solo album next year under the moniker of Lord Cut Glass. Over three years in the making, Lord Cut Glass' album is not the easiest project to categorise - a dazzling mash-up of brass, strings, accordions, pounding bass drums and all round Woodward-inspired strangeness, it's our humble belief that this album's going to cause something of a stir once tracks start to get aired. It's been a long three years since we've heard new musical output from Alun (excepting his marvellous contribution to the Ballads of the Book album) so to have a full album's worth of new material should be enough to send tremors of excitement through all right-minded lovers of music everywhere. Release dates are still to be finalised but be on the lookout for previews from early next year onwards...

Completing the homecoming theme, we're delighted to announce the return of Emma Pollock to Chemikal Underground too, with her second solo album scheduled for release later in 2009. It's great to have Emma back under the avuncular guidance of Chemikal with plans to start recording early next year and an autumn release firmly in our sights - assuming we don't end up killing each other first. More details of the recording sessions will be made available in the fullness of time but for the moment it seems only right and proper to have Alun and Emma back in the Chemikal stable with new projects on the horizon..."

I do like to fancy myself as the biggest Delgados fan on the planet. This is such exciting news! Emma released an excellent record on 4AD that seemed to go over quite well on her tour with the New Pornographers but I must admit that I'm pleased to see her back on Chemikal. Alun is one of my favorite songwriters ever and I've been anxiously awaiting any news of a solo record. To get both wishes in one update - it was a glorious day!

Ballads Of The Book is a truly unique record. Scotland's literary community merges with Scotland's music community. The idea was for the musicians to set the writer's words to song. So while these 2 songs might not be the best indication of what to expect from the two solo records I found the venture so incredibly worthwhile that I want to share these songs with you. For good measure I've included a Delgados song from my all time favorite album, The Great Eastern. Truth be told, the Delgados post I wrote still contains valid links for songs. If you have never listened to the band before please do so now!

A Sentimental Song Lord Cut-Glass & Alasdair Gray
Jesus On The Cross Emma Pollock & Louise Welsh
Thirteen Gliding Principles The Delgados

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