Dear Nora

I can't remember if I'd heard of Dear Nora before I saw them (actually, it was just Katy) play. Her and Mirah played a backyard in Sacramento one night and I remember little else about any of it. I do remember being completely taken by Dear Nora's songs and bought a 7" or 2. Generally, I am not a fan of a solo performer playing an acoustic guitar but she was extremely strange, engaging, and the songs were great. Of course, I do prefer the full band arrangements probably because I'm a drummer. Linton from the Aislers Set produced the first full length. The mark of Linton's production is all over it and I love it. The handclaps that come in for the second chorus is my favorite touch on this song.
Since You Went Away

This song is from an out of print 7" which I may or may not have bought that night. Hmmm. Sometimes it sucks when giant chunks of your memory are missing! Anyhow, this is more like the Dear Nora I saw that night. I am pretty sure that I never saw the full band. Sad!
Just One More Thing

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