I feel like 764-HERO are probably best known for their release Whenever You See Fit which was a song they did with Modest Mouse. It came out as an ep and that seems to be how most people know of the band. That release came mid-point in their career though so let's go back a bit.

In 1995 Up Records released the bands first single, High School Poetry. I absolutely loved this song back then. I must admit that on hearing it again for the first time in a long time I found it to be a bit embarrassing! Maybe a bit too angsty for me now in my 30s. Anyway, this song was recorded while the band was a 2 piece. John Atkins had come from a band called Hush Harbor and drummer Polly Johnson was apparently in a band called Belle Jar. I saw them at some point while still a 2 piece and thought they were quite good live.
High School Poetry

In 1998 or so James Bertram joined the band and filled out the sound a bit. This song is leaps and bounds better than the first single (which is no real slam of the first single) partially because the band had been together for 3 years but also James Bertram really added something special. I got to see them as a 3 piece as well and as good as they were as 2 they were even better as 3.
Stained Glass

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