Nar are Sacramento punk legends. I don't know anybody from the area who doesn't love Nar. Seriously. They released several 7" records over the years but now all of the songs are compiled onto one cd. I highly recommend acquiring the cd. Simple, fun, fast, catchy punk. What's not to love?

My all time favorite Nar song. Someday I'm going to cover it.
Cool District

A great song slamming scenesters. The world needs more songs like this.
Holiday Routine

A bonus track for all of you Go Sailor fans out there. Most people probably scratched their heads when they noticed that Blue Sky was a cover. Now you can hear the original!
Blue Sky

Scott Miller (not *that* Scott Miller) has been in many bands over the years. You can currently find him playing drums in legendary Sacramento punk band The Bananas who just finished a tour. (I never realised how popular they are until the other night. Went to see them in Brooklyn which was the first time I've seen them outside of the Sacramento comfort zone. The kids were going crazy and knew all the words! Warmed my cold and bitter litle heart.) He also fronts (fronted?) The Bright Ideas (who you can find off of the Bananas myspace page) and The Ski Instructors. Drummer Ed Carrol played in the FM Knives, and bassist Jason Dezember played drums with Smog.

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