Head Spins

Sorry to get personal with everyone but I've been dealing with some annoying health stuff lately. I went to the doctor today and she told me that I have situational vertigo. This is making it difficult for me to do much other than be in bed or on the couch. Hopefully it will be clearing up (although slowly probably) and then I can stand to post again.

I will leave you with a song from High Places that is appropriate for the title alone. The fact that it sounds a little woozy is just a bonus.
Head Spins


Muted & Tender said...

What a small world. While looking for Tiger Trap mp3s I came across this blog and reading through it I found all sorts of references to places I used to be a part of like Sacramento, Davis, and KDVS. We probably don't know each other but it was just neat to find. I'll add you to my links on my blog. I hope your vertigo goes away.

®™ said...

that's crazy! when were you down in lower freeborn? i was there from 95 - 05. solidly for the first 4 years and then only sporadically after that. did you go to shows? i was in a few bands in sac from 00 - 05. i want to know if we ever crossed paths?!
(i linked you as well!)