The Time Of The Assassins

The Time Of The Assassins come from Melbourne, Australia. Their debut album, Awake In Slumberland, was recorded by the legendary Steve Albini and mastered by John Golden. If you're an audio nerd you will know those two names carry some weight!

I know that most people like to know what something sounds like instead of just listening to it. I am the opposite maybe because I find that I rarely agree with what people say something sounds like, yet I totally draw comparisons between bands. Can't fault somebody for using a shorthand of sorts! When I put this album on I felt like I was listening to some alternate version of Unwound. A little more polished, a little less experimental. Then I was thinking that it kind of reminds me of Blood Red Shoes who I know all the kids are going crazy for. Take my opinions with a grain of salt, you know? However, I do think that if you like either of those bands you will like this band.

This song caught my ears because of the bass line to "New Dawn Fades" from Joy Division running through it. That's the only blatantly Joy Division rip-off in the song though. Singer/Bassist Carisa Bianca Mellado handles the lead vocals with singer/guitarist Aspen Michael Taylor coming in with counter vocals towards the middle.
The Swan

To offer a contrast I thought I would post a more rock/up-tempo song that Aspen handles the lead vocals on. This one definitely fits in with the bands mentioned above. The record as a whole is much more solid than the debut record tag implies. Kind of a throwback to a more straight ahead rock time in the indie scene. It's not surprising that I like this record given that I am a sucker for mid 90s indie rock.
70 Days & 70 Nights

The band is on tour right now in the states. I have a feeling that they're pretty good live. Hopefully I will find out at the end of the month. There's one show in West Hollywood, Ca on May 15 and then they head to the east coast for 5 shows. Check the myspace page for details.

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