Courtney Love (the band, not the woman!)

I've had guests from Europe and have been unable to post. This summer looks to be very busy for me on the guest front (and a vacation or two of my own) so please hold tight when there are gaps. I will return! This week I hope to do a post every day to make up for it.

I forgot to mention to most everyone that I took a stroll down memory lane recently. I went to see Lois play an opening slot for The Rodney Graham Band and then she played in the band as well. I am pretty sure that the last time I saw Lois play was in her rather short lived band with Carrie Brownstein called Tommy. Back in the mid 90s! I have many fond memories of seeing Lois play back in the 90s - usually with former Tiger Trap drummer Heather Dunn playing with her. I hear she stopped playing because of stage fright but have no idea if that is true.

However, this post is about Courtney Love! The band consisted of Lois Maffeo and Pat Maley (recording engineer responsible for Yo Yo Studios) with Lois on vocals and Pat on drums. Not remarkably different from the Lois stuff to come later but I feel like it still has its place. It's funny to note that they named their band "Courtney Love" long before Ms. Love became an international annoyance. I believe she was an annoyance to people in Olympia long before she made her mark on the rest of the world. Anyway, enjoy these tracks.

Hey! Antoinette
My Last Night


dressuptomessup said...

thanks for the Courtney Love music, so far I've only ever heard Don't Mix The Colours from the KRS comp. also didn't realise the band name came before the person's fame, what a weird coincidence!

®™ said...

from what i understand, courtney love (the person) was disliked by the olympia people long before she was famous. lois and pat thought it was funny to name the band after her. (i think i read this somewhere?)