The Carrots

The Carrots are a 60s inspired girl (and 2 guys, I think) group. I got hip to them only recently and only because the singer for YellowFever plays keyboards with them. I grew up listening to Motown with my mother so I kind of love/kind of hate this resurgence. The Carrots fall on the love side for me. They do what they're doing very well. I'm guessing because what they do feels authentic; it feels real and not manufactured. That has everything to do with the fact that it's coming from the heart. I can totally get behind that.

I am also interested in the fact that the original music from the 60s was so heterosexual and concerned with keeping up gender roles but the song "Beverly" turns that inside out. So while the song sounds authentic to the genre it is a very modern lyrical take since it's about girl/girl stuff. I think that is brilliant! It's also brilliant that the other songs are about boys. I appreciate a modern take!

I love Jennifer's vocals in YellowFever so it's no surprise that I would be equally fond of them in the context of The Carrots. I think she has a rich voice that's suited for many different types of music.
Doing Our Part


Anonymous said...

And you failed to mention: WHAT A BAND NAME!

®™ said...

i don't particularly like the band name! (maybe i don't get it?)