Julie Ocean

Julie Ocean fit quite nicely in the theme of my last post - a current band rehashing the sweet sounds of mid 90s indie rock. One of my favorite new bands! All of the members hail from some fine bands, most notably Jim Spellman who played drums for one of my favorites, Velocity Girl. In Julie Ocean he handles guitar and vocals and has an extremely likable voice perfectly suited for some indie rock/pop singing.

One of my favorite sites to read (Aquarium Drunkard) did a nice interview with one of the members back in June. If you care to read that you can find it here. I commented on the post at the time saying that I couldn't find the cd. After exhausting all of the small indie stores I found myself in Virgin one day and they had it. Odd and a bit upsetting!

Anyhow, two very fine songs from Julie Ocean!
Bright Idea
#1 Song

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Do you know that Julie Ocean comes from an Undertones song? Off of their great 3rd LP, Positive Touch. Vastly underrated LP. Different from the straight up brilliance of the first two, but in a good, challenging way. Next LP was complete crap, tho. I'll mail you the song.

I can't remember my forking password either!