I'm Through With White Girls

Last night me and my girlfriend went to the Afropunk Festival at BAM in Brooklyn. We saw a very funny film (the title of the film is inspired by The Dirtbombs!) that I would like to encourage you netflix users to save. I'm Through With White Girls.

After the film there was a Q & A with the writer, director, and one of the producers. An interesting thing came up when the producer asked about the audiences feelings on the name of the film. A woman said she would blog about the movie but not mention the name. She felt like she couldn't say the title to her (white) girlfriends! I was taken aback a bit. Funny is funny is funny. If someone is that uptight or fears that their friends are that uptight I think that we're in trouble. It's a comedy. It is funny. The title of the film is funny. Who the hell would be offended by that??? I'm white and I have zero problem with it. In fact, the title was a selling point! Anyway, I generally do not like comedies but this one stood out and I highly recommend it.

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