18 Wheeler

Pretty much anything I could tell you about the band I just learned from the 18 Wheeler wikipedia page. I came to know of this band because a guy I worked with was a huge britpop fan and buyer for the record store I worked at. He was constantly buying these imports for the store that really had no market where we were located. If you weren't Slowdive or My Bloody Valentine you weren't going to sell in our store. Anyhow, he bought this for the store and he must have played it in the store one day. I liked it and bought it. It's power pop for the most part, but I know that when I listened to their later albums I didn't like them - they went electronic for the third record. Maybe I never heard the second record. The 90s are a fuzzy haze of depression!

I've probably discussed before that my favorite songs tend to follow the verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure. Certainly not all of my favorites but a good number. This song is no different. Definitely my favorite 18 Wheeler song and an excellent starting point if you've never heard them.
I Won't Let You Down

I thought I would post a song that is just about the opposite from a straight ahead up-tempo pop number. A good song if you've recently (or perhaps ever) been heartbroken.
Hotel 167

I loaned my copy of this record to a girl I once had a crush on. The crush fizzled and I never got my record back. I ended up having to buy this again on import. I'm pretty sure it's out of print by now, but I'm also pretty sure you could find it if you wanted it. The record is called Twin Action, and it came out on Creation Records in 1994.

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