Quasi is one of those bands that used to mean so much to me but sort of lost me a couple of records back. If we were in a relationship the speech probably would have been of the "It's not you, it's me" variety. So I guess what I'm really trying to say is that they didn't lose me but we grew apart? (Forgive me, it's actually very late as I write this. I'm fond of setting times for these to go up and not posting them immediately.)

ANYWAY. The first few records lyrically are really it for me. Sam Coomes was already nailing a funny turn of phrase in sad songs even earlier in writing for The Donner Party. By the time Quasi was roaring he was a master. The recordings were always enjoyable but I absolutely loved to see the band live. I have a very distinct memory of Sam humping his roxichord in pure frustration during the tour that Quasi served as Elliott Smith's backing band. Janet seemed completely befuddled by Sam's nervous breakdown and if I recall correctly they had to start the song over several times. Can't remember what song though! When they tour again I think maybe we can rekindle our romance.

The records that really stand out for me are R&B Transmogrification, Featuring "Birds", and Field Studies. Those are the records that I related to most when they came out. These are songs that are born out of a relationship falling to bits, hopes and dreams falling apart, and other downer subjects. In other words, my favorite types of songs.

Here we have probably my favorite Quasi song. It's a song that describes the loneliness you feel after a breakup so well.
The Skeleton
Another song about love gone wrong.
In The First Place
I didn't do a very good job of getting some of the songs with humor in them on here. Sorry about that. Perhaps an excuse to go pick up one of the records mentioned above if you do not have any Quasi of your own.


sierra said...

wow - your blog is bringing back lots of memories for me. very cool.

d.c. said...

it's not our fault that the mid/late 90s were an excellent time for music and we went to a lot of shows!