The Ballet

The Ballet are one of those bands I saw so often in 2006 and 2007 that it was a little weird when they stopped playing live. Then I kind of forgot about them, but when we were unpacking a couple of weeks ago I saw the cd and decided to do a post. I generally hate describing bands, (which is why you hardly ever see me do it here), choosing to let people come to their own conclusions and opinions on music. I hate hype to the point where I will unfairly hate a band because of it. However, I do admit that with the Ballet I often tell people that if they like the Magnetic Fields they will like the Ballet. Since I know A LOT OF PEOPLE like the Magnetic Fields (as witnessed by me going over my bandwidth last month!) I figure that for those of you who haven't heard the Ballet this might be a treat.

If you go to their website you will find two of their very best songs to download. These are some of their other best songs though I do recommend ordering Mattachine! from the band directly or getting it from itunes if that's your thing. The entire record is excellent! Hope to hear some new music from the band someday soon though I believe they might be in grad school hell.

Cheating On Your Boyfriend


Larry-bob said...

The other comparison I would make is Hidden Cameras, and I suppose Final Fantasy could be invoked as well for the strings. Is The Ballet too busy with grad school to conquer the world with their music?

d.c. said...

yes, i agree completely about the hidden cameras! the ballet opening for them was one of the best shows ever! thought the reference might be a bit hip for the room but what do i know? actually will be doing a hidden cameras post soon.