The Monochrome Set

Another band that I'm afraid I don't know all that much about. I'm pretty sure that the first time I heard them was through Little Hits who posted the single version of The Jet Set Junta a few years back. A few weeks ago while at Kim's for their closing clearance sale I came across a copy of The Independent Singles Collection which I got for a steal. It was just released earlier this year by Cherry Red Records who have worked with the band off and on since the 80s. I'm quite pleased with the purchase and think that it was probably a good starting place.

This is probably my favorite song from the collection. It makes the stomach fluttery like watching porn for the first time when you're not quite old enough to know what's going on. A great blatantly perverse song about sex.
The Mating Game

I tend to hate songs that use the bands name like a theme song of sorts. When I read that they wrote this because they were inspired by The Monkees theme song I thought that was pretty entertaining. Of course, it helps that this is a good song! If you like these songs it is safe to say that you will like the band.
The Monochrome Set

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