of Montreal

I live in NYC, read music blogs, and have friends playing CMJ shows so even if I wanted to ignore it I probably couldn't. I didn't RSVP to any parties and have no plans to go check any bands out. In fact, tomorrow night I'm trekking to Jersey City to see The Magnetic Fields. All of this because my first year here I was ruined.

See, I went to see of Montreal play during CMJ in 2005. Easily one of the most fun shows I've ever seen and one of the best as well. My mind paints it as what it would have been like to see New Order at the Hacienda. At that point in time I was kind of bored with music if I wasn't playing it. I wasn't really enjoying the live experience. They renewed my faith in fun shows that night.

It's odd but I haven't been able to get into any of the albums that have come out since. I haven't gone to see them since. The photos I saw of the show here a couple of weeks ago looked like it was a really good time. However, I fear that none of their shows will compare to the CMJ 05 show. After that show I couldn't get this song out of my head... The Party's Crashing Us

I was even happier when I found this remix because it felt more like the live experience to me. Even though the original version sounds more like the one they played that night the energy of the remix feels more authentic to my memory. I'm a person who usually strongly dislikes remixes so I feel that the fact that I possibly like this version more than the original is quite astonishing. Funny what memory will do! The Party's Crashing Us (i am the world trade center remix)

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