Rocketship is Dustin Reske's musical vessel. They've been around in one form or another since 1993. Whenever I would go to see them the other band members were ill (this happened TWICE) and Dustin performed with just a guitar. If you download these songs you will hear why that is not the best representation of this band! I was curious to know what the full band sounded like so I picked up a 7" on the Bus Stop label. It was instant love! Sugar sweet pop songs that were crafted so well. I always thought that Rocketship and Velocity Girl should tour together. Mining the same territory without being the same. Hey Hey Girl is on that first 7" and I can't think of a better song to introduce yourself with to the music nerds of the world. (There's also a nice Softies cover of this song floating around - Dustin and Rose are very good friends. They did a song together on Rose's first solo album Portola which is really sweet and fun with a rollicking drum beat that I love.)

Hey Hey Girl

I didn't know this until recently but apparently the Slumberland Records comp Why Popstars Can't Dance is out of print! This seems like a seriously wrong thing - it is such a fantastic compilation. I can't think of a better introduction to that label or to what they were trying to do. However, I was very happy to find out that they're back to releasing music again. Seemed like they disappeared for awhile. This song, Your New Boyfriend, is on that comp and I don't think it's available anywhere else. I could be wrong!

Your New Boyfriend

I also love their first album to death and recommend picking it up if you like the songs posted above.


mt.st.mtn. said...

Denise, I have a Rocketship/Trace split LP with your name on it, email me your address. -M

®™ said...

Thanks Mark! I'll e-mail you this evening/tomorrow.
(Side note, I saw on youshallknowusbyourdiscography that he posted the Flake Music/Henry's Dress split but credited the release to Omnibus Raceway or whatnot)