I first heard YellowFever when they contacted an old band of mine about playing a show together here in nyc. We weren't able to play the show with them but I was instantly hooked on their charming songs. They vaguely remind me of many bands but not really enough to draw a comparison. What seems to be said most about them is that they would have fit in quite nicely with the early K Records bands. I agree.

I somehow missed seeing them play until this past August. They had played a good number of shows I could have gone to here but for some reason I ended up seeing them first at the Athens Popfest. The songs were very strong live and there was some instrument swapping going on. They seemed to be having a good time even though they didn't have the best time slot. My enjoyment of a band can be ruined by many things but it can also be enhanced by many things - a band with a poor attitude/not having fun is a joy killer, but a band that is smiling and playful can make me enjoy their set even more. I think that if a band brings you into their good time it really enhances the experience for both band and audience. I think YellowFever are quite good at making the show fun for all involved! (As you will see, I've posted tour dates below which is why I'm focusing a bit more on the live aspect here.)

Two songs to help you decide if they might be your cup of tea! This first song is the more up-tempo of the two. The first 2 or 3 seconds of it always makes me think I'm going to hear a My Teenage Stride song called "Your Unconventional Devil" which for some reason amuses me.

This song is a slower song which makes the middle part where it crashes in on you more powerful. I love when a song does that to you when you're not expecting it.
Culver City

Jan 22 - Albuquerque, NM
Jan 23 - Tucson AZ
Jan 24 - San Diego CA
Jan 25 - Los Angeles, CA
Jan 26 - Merced CA
Jan 27 - Davis, CA
Jan 28 - San Francisco CA
Jan 29 - Long Beach, CA
Jan 30 - Phoenix AZ
Jan 31 - El Paso TX

more information about these shows can be found on their myspace page.

Hugpatch released the Culver City EP back in October 2007, and MT.ST.MTN are releasing a 7" very soon.

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