The I Live The Life Of Movie Star Secret Hideout

A band that I got into because I read about them in a zine! My all time favorite zine! Caught In Flux covered bands that I loved and bands I would soon love after discovering them via this zine. Mr. Applestein and his cohorts had excellent musical taste and their enthusiasm about music was leaping off the page. You couldn't help but want to hear the bands you hadn't yet heard. Sometimes the writing could even make me go back to something I had put aside and give it another listen with fresh ears. Didn't always agree with their opinions but more often than not I did which often meant that I would hunt down things I couldn't find easily.

Something about the interview with Adam Bayer made me sure of the fact that I would enjoy The I Live The Life Of A Movie Star Secret Hideout... maybe it was the reference to the simplicity and innocence of Beat Happening? Yeah, that was probably it. Girl/Boy vocals are another plus. His nerdy way of talking about the chord progressions was endearing instead of annoying. I ordered the album Gale Wind Transistor from the label because I couldn't find it anywhere. It is very simple and sweet - more mellow than most Beat Happening but definitely in that vein. I still listen to this record 10 or so years on! I wish I could say the same for their other album that I heard or the other projects he's been involved in. (You can google him if you're dying to know.) However, one excellent album is still more than most bands accomplish!

Probably the most forward moving song on the album - Adam handles vocals on this one.
Atom Blast

This song is a good example of what the essence of the album is - simple drums and guitars with the vocals of Maria Pitallano carrying you away.
Cherrys Constantine


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Denise you hootchie...i love your mp3 blog...

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aw! i'm glad you like it! no one has ever called me a hootchie before...