The Tall Boy

I don't know all that much about this band other than the fact that they're from the rich musical land of Glasgow, Scotland. They mine the sweet and catchy pop song territory familiar to those who are fans of Belle & Sebastian, The Clientele, and bands of that ilk. The singer/guitarist used to be in Boyracer apparently which is not something I knew until I decided to post on them. The internet is full of information!

(Disclosure - Banazan Records has released music I've played on.) This e.p. is excellent from start to finish. I'm not sure how Banazan and The Tall Boy came together but I think they are an excellent fit. Truth be told, this is in my top 3 releases for this label!

The first song I'm posting is the strongest pop song on the record - handclaps are involved! (Off the top of my head I can't think of a song with handclaps that I don't like so maybe I'm biased.)

This is my second favorite song from the Go Forth release. A bit slower and more reserved but it will still implant itself in your brain.
And Back Again


Ruby said...

Remember Instatone Radio? Fell in love with them on there and said hello!

(delayed response...I'm finally catching up!)

®™ said...

ah, i never knew!
speaking of instatone... i would totally do a faeries post but when i lost a bunch of files a bit ago i lost most of my faeries collection! you should send me the link to the songs and which songs would be okay to post... i'm kind of partial to the teenage faerie version of t.i.c.t.l.o.l.s. but could easily be persuaded to post something in it's place. not budging on s.n.m. though if you'll let me post it - still my favorite!