Another sort of monumental musical thing for me was queercore. Freaky queers have been in the music world for a long time, but this was the first time I was encountering music that I felt a real connection to. People were singing about shit that I was living! In 1996 there was a queercore festival in San Francisco called Dirty Bird. At that point, I really didn't think anything could be more amazing. A lot of bands played the event (Cypher In The Snow, The Need, Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live), but I was most excited to see Sta-Prest. I had been playing the hell out of their Vespa Sex 7" on my radio show but had not managed to see them live. Their music was F-U-N like nothing else at the time. They were not a disappointment live. They ended up releasing 3 7"s and were on some compilations. According to their myspace page a cd collection will be released at some point.

This song is my favorite, from the first 7" on Outpunk Records.
Rilly Bad Scene.mp3

The second 7" (also on Outpunk) was a lot more concise and to the point featuring only 2 songs. Both songs are total winners but this song is for the corporate drones of the world.
You Are The Company Spy.mp3

Sta-Prest on myspace

Sta-Prest wikipedia page


Teeni said...

Didn't I go to Dirty Bird with you at Gilman, or am I thinking of something else? I'm loosing my memory.

®™ said...

Maybe? We're old now - I have no memory either! Were we hanging out in 1996? If so, I bet it was you!

Teeni said...

'96? Maybe, hell I don't know. Did I know you before the Boss of Everything? I went to something with you and Angie at Gilman. I swore that Team Dresch played.

®™ said...

I think that you and me were barely hanging out before you and S got together. Didn't me and A run into you at Team Dresch, you and B perhaps? It's all so blurry that it's frightening.

Teeni said...

I bet you're right, I think I went with B. I knew Angie from her sister and maybe that's where I met you.

®™ said...

Didn't V introduce us at your former place of employment? How did you know her? I think that was 96.